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Join Von’s Bistro in Mobile’s inaugural block party-style “Asian Fest” to commemorate all Asian Americans on the Gulf Coast. This unique lifestyle event brings together and celebrates different Asian cultures through performance art, cuisine, and shopping.

For the first time, such a diverse set of Asian cultures will be on display in full splendor in Mobile, Alabama allowing others to share in our proud heritage and bring awareness to the Asian Missionary Church.


Chef, Entrepreneur, & Former Laotian Refugee


Von's Bistro, a staple in the downtown Mobile community and culinary scene, is owned and operated by Von Larson, chef, entrepreneur, and former Laotian Refugee. "In the early 1980s, Von was born in Vientiane, Laos. She later lived in Thailand and also in a refugee camp before escaping Communism for a new life in America. With the aid of a sponsor from the Asian Missionary, toddler Von and her parents moved across the world...They had little money and no English." --Emmett Burnett, "An Immigrant's Business Odyssey", Business Alabama Von grew up on the Alabama gulf coast learning the seafood business, Asian traditions and values, how to cook, and the value of hard work. It was only a matter of time before she took this valuable knowledge, work ethic, and passion and turned it into something truly unique, successful, and an asset to the community she serves. From crab processing, to real estate, to food truck; from Laos, to Bayou La Batre, to Mobile... Von's incredible journey has lead her to Von's Bistro at 69 Saint Michael Street, but her dreams and ambition don't stop there. Von seeks to share her heritage, give back to and continue the mission that brought her here.

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